Bee Kind Appeal

We are delighted to say that we have now reached our funding target of £18,105! The Bee Kind Appeal has received a huge amount of support and it is wonderful to know that so many people are passionate about caring for our wildlife and wild places in Cornwall.

We are extremely grateful for your generous donations, and the funds from the appeal are helping us in a number of ways, as follows-

• To fund our core work in protecting wild bee species in Cornwall, with a series of conservation programmes at our nature reserves. 

• We have been able to hold several ‘All About Bees' family events across the county, where children and their families have enjoyed getting involved and learning more about nature and the importance of creating habitats for pollinating insects. Funds from the appeal will also allow us to hold more of these events throughout 2018. Please see our ‘what’s on page’ for details and dates if you would like to take part.

• Our Wildlife Information Service (WIS) has also been able to update it's existing factsheets and funds will allow us to set to work in producing 6 new ones over the coming months. WIS is a great resource, available free of charge, allowing anyone to get in touch for expert knowledge about wildlife, covering the whole of Cornwall and IOS.

Thank you!

"Cornwall is home to rare and vulnerable bee species.  We're so lucky in Cornwall to have a unique mosaic of habitats, key to these species, that means we can make a real impact on the conservation of these wonderful creatures. All donations will contribute to creating habitat and awareness that is urgently needed to stop the decline in our bees - so please donate today - our wildlife is threatened without them"

Dee Reeves, Trustee of
Cornwall Wildlife Trust.



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