Protecting Cornish Hedges Appeal

Protecting Cornish Hedges AppealProtecting Cornish Hedges

How would Cornish wildlife survive without Cornish hedges?


"Cornwall's hedgerows are world famous "lines of life". These corridors for wildlife, connecting habitat, are the veins of Cornwall's green heart - home to the badger, the butterfly, the gorse and the red campion amongst many.  They are part of Cornwall's character and charm and attract people from all over the world.  We must keep these hedgerows thriving for future generations, a challenge for us all"
Rudiger Wohlers, Cornish Bard, Friend of Hedges and long term supporter of Cornwall Wildlife Trust 

Cornish hedges provide vital refuge for many of Cornwall's nataive species. With around 30,000 miles of hedge criss-crossing our county, it is vital to manage and protect these unique habitats for both their environmental and historic importance. 

Neglect or poor management are a major problem.  A combination of development, road building schemes and implementation of utility services have taken their toll.  These, together with over-zealous trimming, excessive use of fertiliser and pesticides in intensive farming, and a decline in traditional management techniques like hedge-laying, have led to loss of biodiversity.

With nectar-rich blossom in the spring, insects buzzing in the dense thickets in summer and red berries abound in autumn, hedgerows provide wildlife with a rich larder.  Without these iconic structures, the habitats that form a sanctuary for many animal species such as birds, beetles, bats, bees, moths, butterflies and small mammals, would not exist.  We must act now!

We need to raise £20,000 to carry out our work to protect Cornish hedges. So please help us today.


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