Guided walks

Guided Walk on Looe Island Nature Reserve Looe Island Guided Walk photo by Jon Ross

Join the warden for a fascinating guided walk around the island. We'll help you spot wildlife such as grey seals and great black-backed gulls as well as learning about the Trust's work and the challenges of island life.

Looe Island guided walks take around three and a half hours and cost £25 per person, places are limited and must be booked online in advance (click on link at below). Further details about the walks is available in the 'Useful Information about Guided Walks' download at the end of this page.

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The visit starts with the fun of a boat trip from Looe’s bustling fishing harbour. Once landed on the island you will be greeted by a resident Cornwall Wildlife Trust warden who will introduce you to the fascinating nature and history of the island. You will find out how the Atkins sisters bequeathed the island to the Trust and discover how work continues to protect and enhance the island’s wildlife. During the three-hour stay visitors will also have opportunity to quiz the warden about how the island is run without services such as mains water, electricity from the grid and of course, without shops! After the guided walk you will have around one hour to independently explore the island or join the warden for a slide show in Jetty Cottage.

Spring walks

Spring visits offer the opportunity to witness seabirds breeding along the dramatic coast. Indeed the island holds the largest breeding colony of great black-backed gulls in Cornwall. With a wingspan of around 1.5m you are sure to be impressed by these magnificent birds. Spring also brings wonderful displays of flowers such as the starry white flowers of wild garlic with its strongly scented leaves and on the cliffs dainty white blooms of sea campion.

Summer walks

Those booked on a summer walk can expect the nature reserve to be alive with insects. In particular visitors are likely to spot one of around 15 different types of butterflies regularly recorded fluttering around on the Island. A favourite is the boldly coloured, red, black and white red admiral usually seen feeding near nettles or on buddleia bushes in the gardens. Your guided walk with the warden includes a tour of the self-sufficiency fruit and vegetable plots and later in the year you’ll be able to see a wide range of produce from the more unusual grapes and globe artichokes through to more traditional crops of radish and raspberries.

2018 Looe Island Guided Walks

All are afternoon events and cost £25 per person. In addition to the standard walks we also have other speciality guided walks, one focusing on Birds and the other History.

Dates for 2018 walks:

Thurs 29th March

Fri 13th April

Sat 28th April

Sat 12th May - speciality History walk with Mark Camp

Sun 13th May

Mon 28th May - speciality Bird walk Derek Spooner

Tues 12th June

Thurs 12th July

Thurs 26th July

Sat 8th Sept - speciality History walk with Mark Camp

Sun 23rd Sept

Sun 7th Oct   

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