Wild Wetland Appeal

Otter Photograph by Elliott Neep

Please help us to raise £18,000 so that we can protect the wetland ecosystems that support so many of our plant and animal species in Cornwall. Wetlands really are amazing places but are amongst the most threatened of our wild places.

Wetlands are key to the survival of all living things, a core part of our living landscape; providing a unique refuge for a wealth of animals and plant species such as otters, common frogs, stunning butterflies and dragonflies.

At Cornwall Wildlife Trust we provide over 5,000 acres of nature reserves, all of them are home to plant and animal species that depend on the fragile wetland ecosystems.  They support a variety of open water habitats; traditional ponds, scrapes, quarries, ditches and lakes.  We work hard to create and maintain wetland habitat that is key to plant and animal species.  Our work extends across many areas, for instance in partnership with South West Water, our Upstream Thinking project team work with local farmers to reduce river pollution which in turn saves costs in water treatment and provides drinking water for communities and West Cornwall.

Your support will enable us to carry out essential work on our nature reserves:

Loggan's Moor Nature Reserve - clearing sections of ditch to create open water for insects, birds and amphibians.

Penhale Special Area of Conservation - We will use specialist equipment and expert care to clear vegetation on dune slacks and understand the location requirements of rare species.

Maer Lake Nature Reserve - Flag iris needs to be controlled mechanically to stop it spreading across the whole lake.

Helman Tor Nature Reserve - We need to clear vegetation, including the invasive parrot's feather, and undertake surveys for specific species groups such as beetles.

Windmill Farm Reserve - One of the scrapes has sprung a leak and this autumn we hope to repair it.

Your support will help us gather information to help us to collect and process species information on wetland habitat on our reserves and beyond.  It will enable us to inform decisions, measure the condition of the environment and monitor change over time. 

We will be able to inspire future generations to care of our wetlands through fun and educational activities.  We will make sure that children understand the importance of wetlands and their conservation by delivering our pond dipping events across the county and a special edition Pawprint magazine.

"Wetlands are hugely beneficial to our lives - helping to reduce water pollution and support some of our most precious wildlife.  don't let them disappear  - please make your donation today"  Mark Nicholson, Trustee